Priority Areas

CRLA program prioritites for client representation
in the following legal areas: housing, labor,
education and leadership development

Rural Justice

To fight for justice and individual rights alongside
the most exploited communities of our society.

Programs & Services

CRLA offers a variety of services and programs
to California's low-income communities.


Thank you for your interest in social justice!
We truly appreciate your desire to help us
provide direct legal services.

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CRLA in the NEWS

Kick off Pride Month with a panel featuring the incredible CRLA staff who make our LGBTQ+ Program.

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Press Release: Appellate Court Rules Students May Sue State Of California

State Superintendent and the California Department of Education May Be Sued for Failing to Intervene When Districts Engage in Discriminatory Discipline Practices.

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For Undocumented Workers, Demanding Better Work Conditions Could Mean Deportation

A former dairy farm employee in Turlock, California, sued his boss after he disregarded an on-the-job injury. Yet, after leaving a desposition for his case, he was detained by immigration agents and deported

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#NOMÁS to Sexual Harassment

When a brave young farmworker reported his harassment and assault at the hands of his supervisor, his employer fired him. Fearless advocate Ana Vicente took up the case.

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Fellowships with CRLA provide law students and recent law graduates an invaluable and rewarding opportunity to develop legal expertise and professional networks in the areas of housing, employment, environmental justice, education, health, or civil rights.



Join us for a celebration with leading Latino legal professionals and
members of the community to celebrate CRLA's work!


Enjoy a festive, Latino inspired event that brings together new and old friends to honor our advocates and the communities they serve.

5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
The City Club of San Francisco

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Sponsorship & Tickets:
CRLA offers gratifying Sponsorships for Corporations and Individuals. For complete info and purchase of Sponsorship Packages and Individual Tickets CLICK HERE.

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For a farmworker woman, sexual violence is typically suffered in silence. She may not know her legal rights. Employers and supervisors frequently use these fears to exert power and control over farmworker women. These are their stories


We truly appreciate your desire to help us provide
direct legal services, community outreach, and
educational workshops to farmworkers
and other low-income Californians.