2014/215 Internships/Externships


Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in CRLA.  We appreciate your desire to help us provide legal services to the rural poor in California. Limited resources mean we cannot accept as many interns/externs as we would like to accept.  We want to give our interns/externs the best possible chance for a positive experience by matching you with a field office that can use your talents and skills to expand the capacity to provide client services while giving you the experience that is meaningful for you and expands your capacity to be fighter for justice.

Application: Please complete the attached application and  return it as soon as possible with your resume.  If you are a law student, you may also send a writing sample (not required).

Funding: Our budget unfortunately does not provide for paid intern positions, so we need to know your funding status (volunteer, work-study or alternative grant or stipend funding) and what your school or funding source requires from us.  The Human Resources department will complete all required paperwork.  Because each school, work-study program or grantor has different requirements, we rely on you to find out what needs to be done by us so we can meet your deadlines in a timely manner.

Location: Because we cannot provide housing, please choose a location where you have a place to live.  You can check our website to see a map of our office locations and to get a basic idea of the legal work CRLA does.

Determined jointly by Board, Staff and Community Advisors, our main priority areas are Labor (wage and hour), Housing, Civil Rights, Community Development, Client Leadership Development and Health and Family Well-Being.

Thank you again for your interest in CRLA. If you have any questions please contact Luis Solis, Human Resources Coordinator, at or (408) 599-1845

Sincerely yours,

Jesús Orosco
Director of Human Resources