CRLA Represents Worker Suing Over Pregnancy Discrimination

September 22, 2015


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CRLA Represents Worker Suing Over Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnant Worker Presents Doctor’s Note, Immediately Terminated

STOCKTON, CALIF. – A pregnant worker represented by California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (CRLA) has sued Full Steam Staffing, LLC and Kruger Foods, Inc. over allegations that they fired their employee for being pregnant. 

On September 22, 2015, CRLA filed a lawsuit on behalf of Senorina Gonzalez in San Joaquin County Superior Court in Stockton under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Ms. Gonzalez was a packer and sorter for Full Steam Staffing and Kruger Foods. She was fired on May 6, 2015 after giving her employers a doctor’s note that limited her work to no more than ten hours a day in order to protect her health and the health of her unborn child. She was a model employee with no record of discipline before being fired.

“When I was first told I was being let go, I thought it was a joke. I did not believe they would fire me for being pregnant,” said Ms. Gonzalez.

“It is very common for employers to discriminate against pregnant women, especially low-wage workers who are unaware of their rights,” stated Blanca A. Bañuelos, CRLA attorney for Ms. Gonzalez. “We are no longer in an era where women need to fear losing their jobs due to their pregnancy. If it does happen, employers will be held responsible for their actions.” 

Ms. Gonzalez is seeking lost wages, compensatory damages, and injunctive relief to prohibit both companies from taking adverse actions against an employee based on sex or pregnancy status. She also seeks injunctive relief requiring both companies to provide pregnancy and gender discrimination training to all supervisors.

“I came forward because I hope they do not do this to other hardworking women who are pregnant,” said Ms. Gonzalez.   

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