Rural Justice Updates

Work Together And Make A Better Day

State Senator Mark Leno of San Francisco invited CRLA staff and a client to provide written comments and testify on a bill that could change how a mortgage loan servicer communicates with the spouse and children of a deceased homeowner in order to avoid unnecessary foreclosure.

Staff from CRLA’s Foreclosure Intervention Center (funded by the California State Bar) provided information on the impact that current practices have on the rural poor, particularly women and limited English speaking clients. Our client spoke about her harrowing experience when her spouse passed away and she almost lost their home, before CRLA helped her.

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Alone In A World So Cold

CRLA’s Ilene Jacobs and Patrick Saldana wrote about farmworker homelessness in rural California. They looked at how the seasonable nature of agricultural work and the shortage of affordable housing converge, causing homelessness among farmworkers in places like the Imperial Valley.

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The Fields Awakens

Our Community Workers are essential to protecting farmworkers rights by ensuring safety laws are followed in the fields. Learn more about their roles in this story about Lorena Martinez out of our Coachella office.

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Civil Rights Strike Back

CRLA’s Cynthia Chagolla, Denise Mendez, and Ilene Jacobs are partnering with pro bono champion Morrison Foerster, LLP to take on the city of Manteca who are violating the civil rights of individuals who are homeless.

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The Phantom Labor Force

CRLA collaborated with UC Santa Cruz to learn more about the problems facing our local client community. In the past, little information on this unseen labor was available.  

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Deputy Director Interview

CRLA’s Deputy Marcela Ruiz, was interviewed on Comunidad De Valle with Damian Trujillo to discuss CRLA’s work. Thank you to Mr. Trujillo and the rest of the staff of NBC Bay Area for their generosity and spreading the awareness of the issues facing rural California!

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El Centro Open House!

CRLA's El Centro office hosted their open house this month. The office had been under reconstruction for months while much needed upgrades were made to the facility. The upgraded facility will allow us to better serve one of the most vulnerable regions in all of California.

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Facility Center for Farmworkers!

Over 15 years ago Jose Saldivar came to our Coachella office to stand up against housing practices that discriminated against farmworkers in the Eastern Coachella Valley. CRLA joined him in that fight. The victory in this case brought over 20 million dollars of investments in public housing projects, access to government services, and a facility center for farmworkers! It has been a long road but the facility opened in Mecca, California this month! 

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CRLA's Justice Partner

CRLA’s largest funder, Legal Services Corporation (LSC), honored our partner Villegas Carrera for their years of pro bono service. Villegas Carrera has partnered with CRLA and brought justice to thousands of rural Californians. We thank Villegas Carrera and all of our pro bono partners!  

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