2015 Summer Interns

Q: Why did you decide to intern with CRLA? 
A: I had the chance to talk to CRLA's Blanca Banuelos. She told me CRLA's work and impact on the community and had me hooked. From employment cases, such as unpaid wages, to housing cases, such as discrimination cases. I wanted the chance to help the community members in their time of need made me decide to apply.

Q: What are projects are you working on this summer with CRLA? 
A: I had everything from a possible housing discrimination case to an unpaid wages claim. Another, more recent, project that I am working on is U-Visa cases. This has provided another opportunity to expand my legal knowledge. Lastly, one of the best experiences so far at CRLA, was the chance to go field monitoring.

Q: What are some of your other non-legal interest?
A: I have many non-legal interests, from making vegan friendly desserts to running a blog on Tumblr. Another activity that I enjoy is walking around a city with no map or GPS. Not only do you find really cool local shops, but on occasion you stumble across a vegetarian restaurant. This also provides you the chance to listen to the newest audiobook and burn off that delicious pastry you just ate. My favorite frozen yogurt flavor is undoubtedly pistachio.


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