2015 Summer Interns

Q: Why did you decide to intern with CRLA? 
A: I was really excited about how CRLA offices are embedded in communities and responding to their needs. It’s such an important and necessary way to do legal work – and that’s even clearer now that I’m here. Specifically, I was attracted to the Salinas office because of its safe drinking water work related to nitrate pollution from fertilizers. I have an environmental background, and the opportunity to work on drinking water issues as well as explore other areas of law sounded perfect to me.

Q: What are projects are you working on this summer with CRLA? 
A: I feel lucky to have my hands in a lot of different projects. In addition to the water work, I’m involved with several employment cases. The employment cases include H2A guest workers, sexual assault of farmworkers, and wage issues. I’m learning a lot about the agricultural industry, and the struggles and strengths of the farmworker community.

Q: What are some of your other non-legal interest? 
A: I love hiking, and when I’m not at the office this summer, I’m exploring the Central Coast on foot.


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