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Good Crop, Bad Crop

Slate/By Gabriel Thompson,

It is several minutes before sunrise when Felix Vasquez steps out of his truck, pulls an orange beanie over his head to ward off the early-morning chill, and joins several dozen men and women heading into the strawberry fields of Oxnard, California. By 6 a.m. he has claimed a row of strawberry plants and grabbed a blue tray. Then the work begins.

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Interview with Cynthia Rice

Cynthia Rice talks about Kern County and the disparities in discipline that students of color are faced with while in school. Also, featured is Emily DeRuy, the senior associate education editor at The Atlantic.

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CRLA Walked In, Monterey County Woke Up

The Salinas office is one of CRLA’s first offices, and when CRLA walked in, Monterey County woke up because community workers like Hector de La Rosa and attorneys like Robert Gnaizda and Marty Glick challenged the system by “raising issues and proposing solutions that had been ignored.”

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CEI Victory!

CRLA’s amazing Community Equity Initiative (CEI) staff in Modesto got the unincorporated town of Parklawn in Stanislaus County wastewater service!

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Bottled water going to residents in western Fresno County |by The Fresno Bee

- Most residents in the western Fresno County communities of Cantua Creek and El Porvenir drive out of town to buy drinking water, sometimes spending more than $100 monthly. But now drinking water is coming to them.

The first water deliveries made possible from a $300,000 state grant began last week and will provide bottled drinking water to the two communities that are home mostly to farmworkers. Residents say the monthly deliveries mean they don’t have to drive 20 minutes to buy drinking water from machines or at grocery stores.

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