Programs & Services

CRLA offers a variety of services and programs
to California's low-income communities.

Rural Justice

To fight for justice and individual rights alongside
the most exploited communities of our society.


Thank you for your interest in social justice!
We truly appreciate your desire to help us
provide direct legal services.

Priority Areas

CRLA program prioritites for client representation
in the following legal areas: housing, labor,
education and leadership development

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CRLA in the NEWS

Compañías agrícolas podrían enfrentar una demanda millonaria en el Valle de Coachella por pagos tardíos

El comisionado de trabajo cita al contratista de trabajo agrícola y responsabiliza a los cultivadores por las violaciones del robo de salarios que afectan a 1.374 trabajadores temporales.



Growing Pains

Guest farm workers face exploitation, dangerous conditions.

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The Zombie Guest Worker Bill

Republican immigration reform proposals may be dead, but Republican guest worker proposals live on.

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CRLA has a long history of seeking justice on behalf of women who have bravely stood up and said NO MÁS to sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.

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Fellowships with CRLA provide law students and recent law graduates an invaluable and rewarding opportunity to develop legal expertise and professional networks in the areas of housing, employment, environmental justice, education, health, or civil rights.



Join us for a celebration with leading Latino legal professionals and members of the community to celebrate CRLA's work!

Enjoy a beautiful afternoon at the home of Tomás Olmos & Dolores Leal, attorneys from Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
The Home of Tomas Olmos & Dolores Leal
Los Angeles, California

Enjoy a festive, Latino inspired event that brings together new and old friends to honor our advocates and the communities they serve.
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
The City Club of San Francisco
San Francisco, California

For a farmworker woman, sexual violence is typically suffered in silence. She may not know her legal rights. Employers and supervisors frequently use these fears to exert power and control over farmworker women. These are their stories


We truly appreciate your desire to help us provide
direct legal services, community outreach, and
educational workshops to farmworkers
and other low-income Californians.