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Interview with Cynthia Rice

Cynthia Rice talks about Kern County and the disparities in discipline that students of color are faced with while in school. Also, featured is Emily DeRuy, the senior associate education editor at The Atlantic.

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CRLA Walked In, Monterey County Woke Up

The Salinas office is one of CRLA’s first offices, and when CRLA walked in, Monterey County woke up because community workers and attorneys challenged the system.

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Plaintiffs in Kern County School Lawsuit Ask Court to Hold the State of California Accountable for School Discipline Problems

Latino and African American Students Continue to Fight for a right to an Education. The plaintiffs in a lawsuit to stop ethnically and racially discriminatory student discipline practices in Kern County high schools have filed an appeal against the State of California, which was excused as a defendant by the trial court.

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Education Litigation Update!

CRLA's Cynthia Rice and Sahar Durali with a coalition of legal partners are protecting minority students from unjust educational conditions and discriminatory disciplinary practices in Kern County. The School District has repeatedly challenged the lawsuit but the court continues to rule in the students' favor.

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Protect Female Farmworkers

Oakland, Calif. — ACROSS the country, some 400,000 women, mostly immigrants, work in agriculture, toiling in fields, nurseries and packing plants. Such work is backbreaking and low-paying. But for many of these women, it is also a nightmare of sexual violence.

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CEI Victory!

CRLA's amazing Community Equity Initiative (CEI) staff in Modesto helped the unincorporated community of Parklawn, located in Stanislaus County, get connected to wastewater service!

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Bottled water going to residents in western Fresno County

Bottled water going to residents in western Fresno County | Fresno Bee Most residents in the western Fresno County communities of Cantua Creek and El Porvenir drive out of town to buy drinking water, sometimes spending more than $100 monthly. But now drinking water is coming to them.


Marysville DA interviewed by the Appeal-Democrat

Marysville Directing Attorney Laura Clauson Ferree interviewed by the Appeal-Democrat about new mandates to help protect farmworker.

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A Message From CRLA’S LGBT Program Director

Since the start of LGBT Pride Month 2015, the world has focused on Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover. Hardly a year earlier, Laverne Cox, another renowned celebrity, actress and activist, graced the cover of Time Magazine. Time Magazine announced the “Transgender Tipping Point.”

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CRLA and the California Bar Foundation

The California Bar Foundation is supporting CRLA with a grant and funding our soon to be attorneys.

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