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CRLA now accepting application for 2018/2019 Fellowships

Fellowships with CRLA provide law students and recent law graduates an opportunity to develop legal expertise in the areas of housing, employment, environmental justice, education, health, or civil rights. CRLA does not provide fellowship funding, but is proud to have hosted Skadden, Equal Justice Works, Berkeley Law Foundation, and Dan Bradley fellows, among others.

To begin the process of becoming a fellow with CRLA, you should start to identify fellowships available to you, projects that you are interested in, and the CRLA office where you wish to work. If chosen, CRLA will work closely with you during your application process. For more information on how you become a CRLA legal fellow, download our current prospectus. If you have further questions contact Jeff Ponting at jponting@crla.org and HR Department at hr@crla.org.



CRLA works with the next generation of social justice lawyers with its internship program. The program gives students the opportunity to help some of the most exploited communities in California. 


CRLA has 16 offices and five specialized programs. The offices are in rural towns throughout California. CRLA does both impact litigation and direct legal services. The types of law that CRLA focuses on are employment, housing, education, health, and immigration. CRLA's programs concentrate on special services to unincorporated communities, LGBT communities, Indigenous communities, and students. Each office focuses on different aspects of the law based on the needs of the community, so please email us for more information.

How To Apply

Interested law students may apply directly with us, by emailing your resume to HR Department at hr@crla.org. Please indicate the office and type of law that you are interested in working with at CRLA.

We are accepting applications for Spring 2019 and summer 2019.




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